Saturday, December 3, 2016

A few cafes in Amsterdam

I had a very ambitious plan for my 2.5 days in Amsterdam. I had in mind to visit an average of 4 cafes a day and I didn't know how I was going to pull that off unless all I did was visit cafes. Not surprisingly, I only got through half the list and visited two cafes a days. Even so, I barely had time to enjoy any of them. For me, the whole joy of cafes is experiencing the ambiance, sitting around for a while and listening to the music, doing some writing, watching the crowds, savoring the flavors of the coffee. But I didn't have too much time for that on this whirlwind trip, so here is what I did get to experience. 

A lovely modern cafe with sparse interior and a cool vibe. I ordered a medium "white" which means an espresso with milk, and it was the tiniest coffee I had ever seen! 

de Koffi Salon West
An art-deco-meets-diner experience. Our lattes were served on a mirrored tray.  A perfect place to watch the rain on a dreary day. 

CT Coffee & Coconuts
The place where I got to spend the most time, simply because my feet hurt and I needed to give them a rest. I ordered a smoothie with coffee, chocolate, banana, and coconut. My partner ordered a late and cake. I really enjoyed this enormous and busy place, but the boisterous crowds and thumping music were a little too much for my companion. 

Screaming Beans
A very coy and hip place. Take a seat first and the barista will come and take your order. Our latte and mocha were perfect. 

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