Friday, February 16, 2018

Black Afternoon Tea at Hotel Aman

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with having afternoon tea everywhere I go, and even though I’ve technically already checked Tokyo off the list after spending an afternoon at Bulgari, I couldn’t resist the temptation to have the Black Afternoon Tea at Aman, one of Tokyo newest and chicest hotels.

Unlike the ultra modern western hotels in Tokyo, Aman is all about infusing contemporary technology with traditional Japanese aesthetics. This is evident in their lobby, which blends every organize element in nature, from the live tree growing in the center of a pool, to the stone floors, to the rocks laid out like a zen garden among the lobby, the tree stump tables, paper shoji.

The lobby upon first impression

seating area for tea

True to its name, in Black Afternoon Team, everything was black. 

black place setting

tea menu

food menu

black tea pots

I ordered Irish-Whisky Cream tea, and my partner ordered green tea

We enjoyed our seat by the window were we got a prime view of downtown Tokyo.

sweets on the middle layer, very seasonal with all the summer fruit

savories on the bottle layer, a unique medley of offerings

 The tea was splendid, and they obviously have a chocolatier on staff who prepared excellent chocolate sweets in the shape of shoes, a hat, and a pearl in oyster.

chocolate on the top layer

white chocolate hats over jelly!

green tea and traditional scones

jams, devonshire cream, and honey

The view of Tokyo from our window seat

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