Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What did I eat in Tokyo?

Of all the food posts I do, I'm surprised that I'm just now getting around to a post on what-I-eat-in-Tokyo.

This is list reflective of my most recent trip, but I have 15 years of history in Tokyo, so I have eaten a lot of food there. Although my tastes have changed a lot since I was a teenager, eating Coco's curry and Saizeriya pizza all the time. I wouldn't say my Tokyo palette is the most sophisticated, but it is one of the most complex. 

1. Food I wished I had but didn't: Freshness burger and Indian food, they were on my list, but I ran out of time
2. Food I had but wished I didn't: Western food, I was so tempted, but on this trip I realized that Japan’s seafood is so special I shouldn’t have anything else.
3. What should have been on the list: Tonkatsu! I was never interest in it until some friends took me to Tonki – a famous restaurant in Tokyo
4. Biggest surprise: raw chicken – not only is it possible to consume without getting salmonella, but it’s delicious! Just like sashimi.
5. Most delicious meal: fresh mocha made right before my eyes

Japanese food

Sushi don x 2 – no trip to Tokyo is complete without Wakasaya’s delicious and cheap kaisendon in Shinjuku 

Kaitensushi – in a tiny alley near Tsukiji fish market I had some of the best revolving sushi ever 

Izakaya seafood – I told my friend I wanted to go to an Izakaya and she wisely picked this upscale joint in Akihabara. We ate sea urchin, miso-fish 

Set seafood lunch – My other friends treated us to an amazing seafood lunch where I had sashimi and a host of other amazing things from the sea.

Ramen – ducked into a small shop on the street where we had never been 

Tofu – for some reason it’s amazing in Japan, and I can’t seem to find such soft and flavorful tofu anywhere else 

Yakitori – My first time at an actual yakitori restaurant and it was amazing. We ordered all the skewers and a side of raw chicken! It’s edible! 

raw chicken!

Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)– the dish I’ve only ever had with curry took on a new meaning that this restaurant that specialized in the most savory and delicious tonkatsu I’ve ever had. 

Mochi – not the kind from the package, this sweet confectionary makes it fresh by hand every day. Check out some of the videos of the mocha being made! 

Motsunabe - a new favorite from Fukuoka, we enjoyed this intestine soup from the 55th floor of Tokyo tower 

Ekiben - the bento boxes of train stations (eki). I snagged these at Tokyo station just before departing to Kyoto. 

Korean food

Bibimbap and  Dokkbokki – We stayed new Shin-Okubo which is the heart of Koreatown in Tokyo and I discovered some great eats there. 

Western food

World Breakfast all Day – it was Scandinavia day at this quaint little café that serves a rotating menu of world-themed brunches 

Afternoon Tea at Aman – the sleek all-black theme was very original. See my tea post, for more info. 

Vegetarian food at Flower care – a café/restaurant popular for its green ambiance.

Taco rice – my favorite Japanese/Mexican hybrid creation

Spaghetti – this could actually go in either Western or Japanese category, given that the flavors and ingredients are uniquely Japanese, like mentaiko and uni

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