Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Minneapolis Central Library

Recently I've been doing a lot of domestic business trips and have visited Minneapolis twice in the last few months. Thankfully, on both trips I was staying right next door to the Central Library downtown and had a brief moment to tour this impressive building.

Upon first entering this library, the first thing I noticed was the metal floor grate. Given that there was a few feet of snow outside, I need to stomp the snow off my boots when I walked in, and the metal grate was perfect for that. 

Once you're inside the inner foyer is very impressive...

I also liked how this library made a subtle joke about Donald Trump. Recently Trump made a comment about being a "stable genius." The strangeness of the remark is not lost on people. The librarians here decided to curate a collect of work by "unstable geniuses."

I really loved this beautiful wooden doorway.

From the inside of the foyer, you can see some really nice reading pods on these balconies. In a cold town like Minneapolis it's nice to feel like you are sitting outside...inside. 

My other favorite room was the teen room, which has this amazing red wall. 

Finally, from the windows of the library, you can see the views of snowy Minneapolis. 

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