Monday, June 4, 2018

San Diego Cafe Guide

In just four days and with a full agenda at the conference I was attending, I was able to check out six cafes in San Diego and report on my findings:

Hawthorne Coffee 
The house-made vanilla latte was a pleasant surprise to me. I guess I expected too little of SD cafes and assumed they would't have house-made syrups. 

Communal Coffee

One of the most aesthetically lavish cafes I have visited. This one gets all the Instagram views. Being a flower shop, I ordered one of the signature floral lattes - rose -  and had an avocado toast with egg to go with it.  

Holsem Coffee
Very basic and standard place for a solid latte. Wish I had more time to spend here because it seems like a decent atmosphere to get some work done. 

James Coffee 
This cafe is housed in a giant warehouse that shares a space with retails shops and other businesses. I ordered an original honey cinnamon latte and took it to go. 

Because I live in Portland, where we have not one but three Coavas, I wasn't going to visit this one in San Diego because it did't feel unique to me. However, when I was passing through downtown and saw this beautiful location, I could not resist. It's kind of disappointing that Coava in San Diego is more beautiful that the locations in their home city of Portland. 

Coffee & Tea Collective
This very hip and trendy shop delivered on a solid vanilla latte. This is somewhere I would return to time and time again if I lived in San Diego. 

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