Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

People have been telling me to visit New Orleans every time I reveal my cemetery hobby, and each time they are surprised I haven't already been there. New Orleans is famous for its unusual cemeteries, with tombs above the ground, with their own street signs, gaining the nickname, "Cities of the Dead."

Because New Orleans was built on a swamp,  tombs that were buried in the ground would rise with the water, so for that reason the tombs are above ground, with each one housing entire families. After two years their bones can be pushed to the back to make room for a new member.

This beautiful cemetery in the Garden District was so lush and green, just like the rest of the district. It is also the only cemetery I have been to where people were painting the scenery, just like do in parks and cities.

the wall surrounding the cemetary

tomb decorated with mardi gras beads
painters setting up to paint

a painter at work

mardi gras beads hanging from the gate around a tomb

street signs in the cemetery

some unconventional decorations at a tomb

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