Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Grocery Store in Tijuana

I'm always fascinated my grocery stores in other countries, because they are so revealing of the local culture. I didn't have time to shop or cook food in Tijana (and with so many delicious street food options why would I?) but I did pop into this grocery store to see what was unique about it. 

This is Soriana, just off Revolucion Blvd. 

First thing I noticed was the bakery right at the entrance, with all the baked goods out in the open. In other bakeries I've seen around the world, the baked products are usually in glass cases or wrapped in plastic. 

There was also this large baguette slide in the middle of the store. This must be their best seller to have such a large supply. 

 There were a lot of products I didn't recognize in the produce section, but I bet I've eaten them in one for or another. 

Bottle of tajin near the fruit section. Tajin is a really spicy, tangy seasoning that is used in many Mexican dishes. 

The last thing I found interesting was the abundance of hard liquor. In America, most grocery stores cannot sell liquor - just beer and wine. Of course in Mexico, you can buy an liquor in the grocery store. The fact that this store is in Tijuana (a known party-city) and right off of Revolucion Blvd (the center of the party) it would make sense that this store would carry so much liquor for the tourists ad party-goers alike. 

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