Friday, October 26, 2018

What I ate in Tijuana: An homage to one of the world's most delicious cities - 2017 Edition

I try to keep record of everything I eat whenever I travel. Looking back on all these delicious meals from destinations all over the world has given me a lot of personal satisfaction. 

Tijuana is a special case. 

This is an evolving list. 

I expect I will return here many times and each time I will need to update the list. This first list is from 2017. As always, I'll start with the usual questions and then list ever meal by category:

1.     Food I wished I had but didn't:  Mision 19…next time! Octopus pizza at La Justina, Chinese food
2.     Food I had but wished I didn't: one bad macaroon from Colectivo 9
3.     What should have been on the list: Birria tacos
4.     Biggest surprise: crickets in hot sauce are delicious!
5.     Most delicious meal: Alma Verde chilaquiles

Street food

Crickets in hot sauce

Huevos Ranchers and Birria tacos at 5:00am

Street tacos

Gastro- Mexican

Telefonica – soup and taco

Alma Verde

Verde y crèma: corn and Korean tacos


Cake at Puestro

Macaron from Colectivo 9

Bread with Cajeta from the bakery

Ice Cream from street vendor


Colectivo 9 - burger and fries

Loci bar truffle fries

Note, this list does not include all the amazing cocktails I had in Tijauna. I have dedicated another post to that....

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