Tuesday, December 25, 2018

What I ate in Tijuana: An homage to one of the world's most delicious cities - 2018 Edition

After venturing to Tijuana in 2017, I new immediately that I would have to return. Not only did the city call me back for soul-searching, but my food list was still too long! There were many things I did not get to eat on my first trip and I simply had to satisfy my curiosity before too much time passed. So I returned to TJ about 3 months after my first trip. 

There were some restaurants I visited again (Alma Verde) and some I tried for the first time (Mision 19). Now that I knew the city better and did more research, I could be more selective in what I ate and where I went. Here's the list:

1.     Food I wished I had but didn't:  Tacos El Franc, the most famous in the city
2.     Food I had but wished I didn't:  a tres leches cake which was sickeningly sweet
3.     What should have been on the list:  Octopus pizza at La Justina – the best thing I ate!
4.     Biggest surprise: how messy it can be to eat Birria when it doesn't come in a pre-wrapped taco...
5.     Most delicious meal: Mision 19 Chef’s tasting menu

Street food

Crickets in hot sauce (again!) 

Street tacos

Biria La Mejor

Pozole (seafood soup)

Gastro- Mexican:

La Justina's Octopus Pizza

Traz Horizonte

Alma Verde(again!)

Cesar’s famous Cesar Salad

Mision 19

Oryx Capital


Cake at Puestro (again!)

Carrot cake from Container

Tres Leches Cake from a bakery

Teponieves (famous ice cream place)


Telefonica - fried chicken burger and fries

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