Monday, January 6, 2020

Obsession Diaries: Korres

This is the first post in a series on Obsessions. 
Recently I have become intrigued by the things I get obsessed with: the things I collect and hoard and dream of. There are not many of them. I am no collector nor a person fond of material possession or consumerist culture. But there are just a few things which I love to much to only have one of. 

Korres is one of them. 

Korres is a Greek beauty product company that I have known for since I was 13 years old. My aunt would use their products and I used the bathroom in their house I would spend extra long in there smelling her lotion bottles and perfume. 

I bought a few Korres products on my own on my last trip to Athens in 2016, but this never amounted to an obsession. 

For some reason, after I had my baby, I became very conscious of what I put on my skin. Tired of trying new brands of lotion and shampoo, being dissatisfied, and then trying another, I dreamt of having one brand I could go to for everything: skin care, hair care, body care, and that all of their products would be so great that I would buy anything they made. 

That turned out to be Korres. 

After a small order from their website online, I became addicted to their line of skin care and when HSN had a sale, I went a little overboard. 

Here is my Korres bounty as of 2020, but there is no end in sight. I've got my eyes peels for new products and merchandise all the time...

Facial oil and lip glosses

Day cream, night cream, eye cream, and elixir

Face wash and makeup remover

collection of mini lotions

matching lotion and body wash sets 

Free makeup bag I received after purchased so much stuff :)

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