Friday, April 27, 2012

Assistens Kirkegård: The world's happiest cemetery

It's true! This is the happiest cemetery you will find. It has a very fairy tale quality to it that other cemeteries are so lacking. Everything from the colorful flowers to the tiny animal statues placed beside the tombs seem to put a smile on the face of this graveyard. It also helped that it was a lovely sunny day, and the Danish treat their cemeteries like parks, riding their bikes and picnicking all around. "Quaint" and "charming" are words with which you might describe this place. Some of the smaller plots were even lined up link miniature gardens. 

I feel rather embarrassed, talking all peppy like this about a cemetery. Of course, death is neither quaint nor charming, and it is always difficult for me to express my love of cemeteries without a certain sensitivity for the topic at hand. This being said, I hope that I can still indulge in my fascination of such places, their character and beauty, without being disrespectful to those resting here. 

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