Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More than a feeling: Highs and Lows in SE Asia

My 6 months in SE Asia was full of extremes, and now that's it's all over I've decide to post the experiences that have really stuck with me, the ones I can recall instantly from member. 

The Highlights

Bagan, Myanmar. Indisputably, the best moment of the trip

At 5:30am we climbed the dark steps of a 13the century temple and sat together watching the sun rise. On our left, I noticed the hot air balloons begin to ascend. We promised each other that we wouldn't bring our cameras because we wanted to be "fully present" for the moment. But I snuck my iPhone into my pocket and took this photo. I am so glad I did.

Other memorable moments:

The Lowlights

Hua Hin, Thailand. Photo courtesy of my partner. I couldn't even take pictures at this point.

After a bout of depression in Malaysia, I had been looking forward to the train ride into Thailand, the country that had been at the top of my list for years. But when I arrived in Hua Hin, a small coastal town, my depression deepened. I barely left the hotel. This was compounded by guilt at being depressed while I was supposed to be "living my dream" of traveling around SE Asia. After two days in isolation, I left the hotel to go to McDonalds and cry in a plastic chair. Though nothing bad had actually happened to me, this was my emotional low. 

Other not-so-great experiences:

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