Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cafe Profile: Taf in Athens

Welcome to Cafe Taf

Athens can be draining. Crowds, cars, congestion.
That's when you duck into Cafe Taf.
Sit inside to avoid the cigarette smoke (Greek smoke like the 80s).
Take a seat and a friendly server will hand you a menu and take your order. 

The cafe's modern design make me feel like it could be in any country in the world. I love this look. It makes me nostalgic for nowhere and everywhere. The coffee too, is world-class. I was impressed with both the latte and the mocha. Most Greek cafes tend to have very sugary or very strong coffee but Taf keeps it real. 

I would chill here any day in Athens. 

These guys are pros

A latte and a mocha

Menus at Taf

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