Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hello 30

My thirtieth birthday fell in the middle of a hot summer and I celebrated it with a dress that I made
for only such an occasion. This dress was inspired by something I saw Dita von Teese wear and I just had to make a knock-off. 

Mine is a bit different in design but I made it to flatter my own body. I will admit that getting the fit right was a challenge and it is a little snug.

Although I've been kind of gothic lately and wearing a lot of black, this birthday was very colorful. From the dress to the drinks to the Thai food. A perfect late summer birthday. 

I was able to pair the dress with some of my favorite colorful and contrasting accessories. 

This look really highlights my favorite things about myself. What a way to bring in the thirties.  

Dress: made by me
Shoes: Target
Bag: Louis Vuitton, bought in Dubai
Bag charm: bought in Japan
Jewelry: from Pakistan

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