Saturday, September 9, 2017

What did I eat in Isafjordur?

In Reykjavik, the food I was post looking forward to was Thai, Indian, Italian. But In Isafjordur, a remote town in northern Iceland, I was looking forward to some authentically prepared Icelandic fish. 

Unfortunately, the most famous seafood restaurant in the town closes for the winter, but Husid cafĂ© quickly became our go-to place. Not only did it have a quaint and welcoming atmosphere, but their selection of fish changes daily (believe me – I know, we ate there three times). At Husid, there are two ways to order fish: creamy Icelandic Fish soup, or Grilled Icelandic fish with potatoes and vegetables. Of course, we ordered the fish both ways each time, and I never did tire of it. 

Creamy fisherman's soup

Close-up of the fish soup

I was surprised by how creamy the soup was. It’s a fragrant paprika broth with a dollop of creamy whipped butter that melts into the soup as you eat it. The fish I soft, but it doesn’t fall apart and I never found a single bone. 

Grilled fish: Day 1

Grilled fish: Day 2

For the grilled fish, each time the sauce and seasoning is different. We ate the fish with sweet fruity glaze, savory onion and pepper glaze, and teriyaki glaze. There are so many delicious ways to eat fish!

At Husid, we also enjoyed some authentic lattes and coffee. Apparently, you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. 

Lattes at Husid

Inside Husid cafe

Another Isafjordur favorite were the pastries. There are two bakeries in town: Gamla and Kaffihus Bakarans. We ate at Gamla our first morning and chose some very weird-tasting cheesy savory breads. The cheese was almost liquid with some small slices of small. It was very….interesting. 

Breakfast at Gamla

Savory cheese sandwich and coffee at Gamla

At Kaffihus Bakarans, having learned our lesson, we selected a chocolate and regular croissants. I love sweet pastries, but Iceland sweet pastries look too sugary even for me. Just look at the colorful glazes on these. 

Breakfast at Kaffihus Bakarans
Savory Croissant and Chocolate Croissant
Inside Kaffihus Bakarans

Overall, I was very thankful for the opportunity to eat-like-a-local for three days in Isafjordur. 

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