Friday, September 1, 2017

What did I buy in Reykjavik?

Reykjavik has gotten a lot more expensive since I was last there, so I kept my expenses light and cheap this time. 
As far as shopping in Iceland is concerned, there is plenty to buy, but for me the greatest souvenirs are my pictures and my experiences.
Still, I did but a couple things.  

I brought back tons of Icelandic chocolate – the best and cheapest souvenir. Iceland has so many unique chocolate candies, ranging from cheap to outrageously expensive. 

Candy aisle at 10-11 - the best place to buy Icelandic sweets

All Icelandic

High-end chocolate - that OmNom bar costs almost $10 USD!

Icelandic chocolate raisins

A variety of candy bars, some with licorice or rice

I also bought a Bjork digital shirt from an exhibit at Harpa. It is a size large but barely fits me. Guess people run on the slimmer side in Iceland…

Lastly, I stopped at my favorite vintage shop in Reykjavik just moments before leaving for the airport, and I scored this amazing magenta velvet dress. Now I just need to find the right occasion to wear it. 

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