Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cafes of the Cacho, Tijuana

The Cacho was the first neighborhood I stayed in Tijuana and I was so impressed with the overwhelming number of great cafes they have on literally every corner. Many of these my friend already knew about and recommended to me, but others I discovered on my own by merely walking around and looking. 

La Stazione 
This was the first place I went in all of Tijuana. My friend’s favorite drink is not even a coffee beverage – it's the Sosticio – a jasmine tea with hand-pressed grapefruit juice. I love this café because of the open atmosphere and abundant seating both indoors and outdoors.

Das Cortez 
Das Cortez is a chain in Tijuana and I instantly fell in love with their lavender latte the first time I tried it. So far, I have been to three branches of this café in Tijuana and I would like to attend them all. This is exactly what I think of when I think of a quintessential café for a nomad. 

El Pan Nuestro 
This sweet and stylish place makes the most amazing cakes. I had the mango vanilla cake both times I visited.

This tiny shop made a great iced vanilla latte to go one hot afternoon. I really like the vibe here and hope to be back.

Baristi is another local chain where I visited two branches. I don’t like it has much a Das Cortez because they don’t have lavendar and their interios feels more corporate and generic, but I enjoyed my vanilla latte.

This small shop is shares a space with a syrup producer so you have to be buzzed in the front door. I ordered a lavender latte and found it very similar to Das Cortex which I enjoyed.  

Another tiny road-side establishment services espresso drinks and donuts. I enjoyed my latte from a narrow bar counter overlooking a parking lot.

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