Monday, August 27, 2018

Puff Ball Dress at a Bjork-Themed Party

Years ago I came across this photo of Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion week in 2011 and I knew I had to have this dress for myself. Back then I had a lot more time on my hands and it seemed fitting to spend an entire afternoon hand-sewing individual puff balls to one of my Qi Pao dresses for the effect.

The only problem was...I had no where to wear such a garment.

The dress stayed in the closet for years, where I lovingly stroked it and dreamt that one day it would make a debut in the world.

That day finally came when I attended a Bjork-themed dance party at an exclusive speakeasy in Portland. I knew that this would be the dress I would wear, and I would put my own gothic twist on it. In my mind, this is totally the type of dress that would belong in such a dance party and if Bjork were there, she herself might even appreciate it.

Undoubtably, I got a lot of attention and complements, mostly from strangers who asked if they could "pet me." There was quite a lot of stroking that night. Most people asked how the balls were attached - by hand - and how long it too me - 5 hours.

Lastly, there was a big non-scandal where Minaj was accused of plagiarizing a similar design from a virtually unknown designer.  It was later revealed that this garment came from Japanese fashion brand DOG, and was in fact, not a knock-off at all. Read the full story here.

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