Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Food Gardens of Tijuana

Tijuana underwent a food renaissance in the last couple years and got very, very hipster. In that spirit, food gardens were born. A food garden is essentially a collection of trucks or carts, each offering a different selection of eats, surrounding an outdoor eating area. In Singapore, these would be Hawker Centers. In Portland, these would be Food Pods.

The most hyped up Food Garden in Tijuana is Telefonica Gastro Park. Which a huge indoor and outdoor seating, brew tanks, wine bar, and even balcony overlooking the city this place is by far the most  atmospheric of Food Gardens. The first time I went at dusk,  ordered soup, a taco, and a glass of wine, and had a very refined meal while watching the sun set over the city. It felt like we were at a fancy restaurant. The food truck owners even brought the food to us so we didn’t have to stand and wait by their stall.

The second time I went for a most fast and casual vibe, ordering a fried chicken sandwich and sitting on a picnic bench mid-day. For any atmosphere, Telefonica has something to offer.

Colectivo 9
Is a Food Garden off Revolucion Avenue and tucked away past a narrow ally of clothing stalls. With entirely different food options, this place feels decidedly more foreign-influenced. Offerings like sushi, ramen, pizza, and hamburgers draw young crowds of mostly tourists. I ordered a hamburger which was great, but unfortunately it was also the site of the worst macaroon of my life.

Coming 2019*** Foodgarden Sanchez

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