Friday, August 31, 2018

Tijuana Speakeasies

When it comes to nightlife, Tijuana is probably most famous for it’s spraying multi-story clubs, its breweries, and dives. This is a beer-drinking culture which Tecate is served in buckets.

But for a cocktail drinker like me, there a a few lovely speakeasy’s that are just up my ally.

Nortico is a secret bar located in Oryx Capital. It is recommended that you make reservation to go since seating is limited. Inside, it feels like a James Bond movie. The cocktails were all incredibly strong. The Love Bug and Drunk Punch I ordered each had about 6 different hard liquors in them, including lots of Mezcal, Campari, and Aperol, which I love. I enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere.

El Tinieblo 
El Tinieblo is also a secret bar located in the back of Cevicheria La Mas Nais, a popular seafood restaurant. I loved this place because it was divvy and weird. With animal heads on the walls, a jukebox, and dark red curtains it felt like the kind of place that you could walk into and never leave the same. Their accessible menu and cheap cocktails will also keep me coming back for more.

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