Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Japan McDonald's Mexican Release

Despite my recent troubles with culture shock as I adjust to my new life here,  I have been able to enjoy  some conveniences of  being in Japan. For example, the “Mexican Festival” seasonal menu at McDonalds.

Ok, that is a pretty superficial reason to be excited, but when you are in Stage 2 of culture shock, you’ve got to find excitement in anything.

This seasons’ “Mexican” spread was an underwhelming as it sounds. I ordered the Beef Salsa Burger. The only things that were “Mexican” about it were a tiny bit of salsa in lieu of ketchup, and gooey nacho cheese in lieu of yellow American cheese. Not exactly delicious, but a satisfying adventure nonetheless. 

3 Salsa options: beef, chicken, and shrimp

My Mexican Festival  layout

The beef burger

Closeup of the salsa and nacho cheese

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