Friday, September 27, 2013

JET Application Expenses

They don't tell you this, but applying to JET is not free. 
Sure, there isn't an application fee, but there are plenty of things about the application that cost money. 
Fortunately, I was working full-time when I applied, so these were minor expenses for me. However, had I still been in school or under-employed, these unexpected costs would have been, at the very least, annoying, and at worst, a hardship. 
I wanted to share the list of my expenses for anyone who is interested in applying for the JET Program:

1. Application: 
  • Official Transcripts from 4 schools: $24
    • Obviously, this figure will be more or less for you depending on the schools you attended. This amount actually includes two sets of transcripts, one official for the first application, and one for me to open and photocopy. 
  • Passport-sized photos: $6
  • UPS Overnight mail: $33
    •  You can save money by sending your application earlier and not having to over-night it. However, I do recommend paying to use a traceable method of shipping.
2. Acceptance Paperwork:
If you are lucky enough to be shortlisted or an alternate, you will incur these expenses:
  • More passport sized photos: $6
  •  Fingerprint card: $15
    • I got my fingerprints taken at the local sheriff’s office. I do not recommend that you try to do it yourself. If your prints are not clear your background check will be rejected.
  •  FBI Background Check Fee: $18
  • Fee to mail FBI App: $5
    • Again, I used a traceable method of shipping
  •  IRS Form: $85
  • Fee to mail IRS form: $6
  •   Transcripts with my degree: $4
    • I had to order another copy of one of my transcripts because I technically had not graduated at the time of my application
  •  Add pages to my passport: $82
    •  If you have to apply for a passport, you will pay over $100. In my case, I already had a passport, but it was running out of pages. 
  •  Fee to mail passport: $7
  •  Co-pay at Doctor’s office: $5           
    •  This was to fill out the Certificate of Health, which must be signed by a physician. At that time, I had amazing insurance, so I only had to pay for a regular check-up, and I did not need a chest x-ray. If you don’t have health insurance, or need a chest x-ray, then getting the health certificate  may cost a lot more.

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