Monday, June 15, 2015

Back in Bangkok

Long awaited lunch in Bangkok
Slept until noon today. Now I am writing from my favorite café in the city. Bangkok feels worlds away from Yangon. Sidewalks and fashion and an MRT. It is amazing what a few decades of capitalism can do to a place, and it is amazing what a few decades of isolation and undo.

Last night we walked along one of Bangkok’s many canals of the Chao Phraya river. In the darkness of night I could see the many willow trees that lined the canal bend over and dip their  flowing mane into the water while gazing at their own reflections. I thought it was beautiful. When I got back to the hotel I tooled off on the internet until 2:00 am. It felt so good to be back online again, with normal internet speeds and not having to worry that it was going to shut off any moment. I think I OD’d on internet last night. It was great. But now we’ve got six hours to kill in Bangkok and not uch planned. I was originally wanting to see Khao San Road and walk along the Chao Phraya, but that seems unreasonable in this heat. Also, neither of us want to get sweaty before getting on an overnight train ride. So here we are, another day spent in cafes. Of course, of all the cafes in the city where I would be willing to pass an entire day, this is my pick.

Our window seats overlooking the Rama IV Road provide excellent opportunities for people watching. College students with thin limbs poking out of their modest uniforms trying to cross the highway during a break between traffic, or when the road gets so jammed that the cars are at a standstill – a more likely scenario in Bangkok. 

- November 13, 2014

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