Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GoodBye Myanmar

You will always have my heart

Last morning in Yangon. I have fallen in love with this place but it is time to leave. A few things I am really looking forward to about Thailand, things that only Myanmar can make me appreciate. I am looking forward to not haggling for a taxi, worrying about when the wifi will stop working, thinking about where I can buy toiletries and snacks, wondering if the bottled water has been refilled with tap water, or that ATMs and currency exchanges are closed on Sunday, or that the street will be too dark to walk on at night, or that I don’t have enough small bills to pay in exact change. This are things I look forward to not caring about.

In Hua Hin I came to the realization that I was not enjoying myself on this trip, even though I was in my dream country where everything was easy. Now in Myanmar, I have crossed into a new emotional state, in which I feel that I am enjoying myself all the time, even when things are shitty, even when the wifi doesn’t work and its hot and we have nothing to do, I feel like I am enjoying myself. Is it Myanmar that’s done this to me, lifted me up out of traveler’s depression? Or did I have to hit an emotional bottom before I could bounce back up? I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I’ve learned to love this life on the road. Though I still have my moments where I am afraid to leave the hotel, I have found a new sense of peace and happiness here.

- November 12, 2014

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