Friday, September 30, 2011

The best hot dogs in Iceland

Normally, when I travel abroad I don't like to preselect restaurants. I think that is the best way to miss out on randomly finding a awesome hole-in-the-wall joint, and swapping that fateful experience for an unmemorable travel-guide-inspired one.
That being said, there is no way I can pretend that I randomly stumbled upon B├Žjarins Beztu Pylsur. I read about it in numerous travel guides and blogs.
Fortunately Reykjavik is a small enough city that finding a tiny red hot dog stand was no problem at all.

This particular day, my boyfriend was home sick while I was out at Kolaporti├░ flea market and I decided on a whim to bring back two hotdogs for us to share. Despite being the last of about thirty tourists in line, I was served in under five minutes.

It was pouring rain, so I held the umbrella between my neck and shoulder, grabbed the hot dogs with one hand, and with another took pictures.

This picture really doesn't so a justice. There are about six more ingredients in between the hot dog and bun: mustard, some kind of cheese-wiz, fried onions, a ketchup-like substance...

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