Thursday, September 29, 2011

Part 3: Bathroom bilss

If you're confused, you ought to go back to Part 1. Then check out Part 2.
March 6, 2005

So here's what jet lag does to you: it makes you have a NORMAL sleep schedule.
Last night Jon and I went to the hot tub. Let me just say that the hot tub is too good for a two platonic friends to enjoy....

So we went to bed around 9:00 that night and woke at 5:30 am. One hour before our alarm was supposed to go off. We then watched some Japanese TV and I saw a chindren’s show about a turnip that played the tambourine. We also tried to set the alarm on the TV, but it was in was the remote. 
Then I got ready. See, in our ryokan we have shared bathrooms. You might think that sucks, but it is actually quite cool because you get to talk to all the people in the morning as they get ready. So here I am doing my hair while I talk to this couple from Hong Kong and a really awesome Swedish chick. She was talking about the club last night and apparently she had just gotten home. Jonathan really enjoyed the shared bathrooms because for once, he gets to hang out with the girls in the bathroom. We are going clubbing on Thursday night with the Swedish girl and her friend. This is going to be one hell of a trip. I am headed out to my Buddhist meeting in Shinjuku and then for Goth Day at Harajuku!

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