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Part 6: Thoughts on toilets and marraige

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March 8, 2005

Another interesting day in the ryokan, Well, just as it seems that we meet new people everyday, so here comes the next crowd: two New Yorkers that flew in yesterday. I met them in the bathroom this morning. Parryan and Joseph. They sound pretty cool. Jonathan took a real liking to them and invited them out to have a drink tonight at Bar Dute. I am technically supposed to go but (I know this sounds lame) I am really exhausted. I think I walked like 20 miles heels and panty hoes. Yeah. I'm a real lady.

In 2005, this was the most expensive piece of real estate in the world. Ginza, Tokyo.

This day’s agenda started out with a trip to Ginza, the most expensive and ritzy shopping center in Tokyo. Now you can imagine, in a city where a Levi's shirt will set you back $138, the word "Expensive" doesn't do a justice to this sort of place. One good part of it though was that Jonathan and I got to see the Sony building, which had an exhibit of all the new electronics.

Speaking of electronics, Jonathan and I were both defiled today. Yes, defiled. Okay here’s how it happened:
**CAUTION: the following may contain graphic content.

So I go into the bathroom in the Sony building in take care of business. I notice that the toilet is no ordinary toilet, it is one of those super-cool Japanese ones, with all the high tech functions like a seat warmer, music, blowing air, and squirting water in two intimate areas. So I thought since I am in Japan I might as well get the works. The first button I press in the one that squirts water on my butt. I figure, "A little mist never hurt anyone's booty." I was so wrong. At first it was a gentle breeze, then it gushed out like a fire hose. I freaked out and jumped off the toilet. Meanwhile the enema hose didn't stop and continued to squirt water out from the toilet and onto me, the door, and the walls of the stall. When I figured out how to stop it I was drenched. I decided that the only way I would feel better is if I made someone else suffer. So I told Jonathan to try it as I waited outside the men’s restroom. First I hear only a squirt of water, then I here a scream. Jonathan runs out of the bathroom, pants halfway down, screaming "I've been raped!" So there.

As you could imagine we got the hell out of the Sony building as fast as we could and made it in time to see the garden of the Imperial palace, Tokyo Train Station, and Akihabara, the electric town. So that is why I am so exhausted. Oh, and in Akiharbara we met two women from Los Angeles and helped them find their way around with our mad Japanese skills.

Okay, now for the meaningful revelation I came to today. As I walked through the Sony building I thought about my future life in Japan. Seeing all those electronics gave me a vision of myself dialing a number in one of those high tech phones. I could totally see myself adopting one of those robot dogs. (I got to play with them at the Sony building.) I started thinking about how certain I am that this is where I want to live my life. I am so so so certain. And this trip has made me even more determined to succeed. I have also been thinking a lot about marriage, how I have that state of mind to get married, but how no one would ever come with me to Japan. This sounds kind of strange, but I don't think I could marry someone who doesn't share my passion for Japan. Just because we would see our lives with such different futures. I feel like I have a destiny. If I am meant to be with someone we will share the same destiny. That's my thinking.

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