Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Part 7: Panties in a bottle

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March 9, 2005

So today Jonathan and I slept in pretty late, only to get up and find that neither of our phone cards worked anymore. That sucks. But today we began our journey to Asakusa. Remember how I mentioned that it was kind of a sleazy, red light district. Well, it is also home to three famous temples which we visited. Kind of ironic.

This is usually the first stop for tourists in Tokyo. I have not been back to Asakusa since 2005.

Then we took a cruise to Odaiba. The seats were like booths and really comfortable so we lay down for our 1 hour cruise. So...we definitely fell asleep and if it wasn't for the guard we would have missed our exit. It was funny. He probably thought we were drunks.

The famous view of the Fuji building from the Toyota center in Odaiba.

 Odaiba is pretty awesome. There is a place called the Megaweb. It is a showcase for Toyota's newest cars. They also have other cool stuff, like free go-cart riding, and some simulation games, and a car that you can test drive around the facility. Jonathan really wanted to test drive the car but you have to have either a Japanese license of a international license. Damn America. So that didn't work out.

Well, after that Jonathan wanted to get a massage at this place called LaQua. The only problem is that it is really far away. We had to change subway lines like three times. And we got totally lost. Totally. As it turned out we ended up in the station we needed to be but we could not pass through the door because we purchased a ticket for another station (this happened four times but that's not the point.) We would have had to purchase another ticket but Jonathan told the guard that we had "lost" ours and he just let us through. We never purchased a ticket after that. We just went pass each stop telling each guard that we had lost out ticket. Man, we really screwed the subway out of money. It works every time though.

When we finally got to the spa it was closed. Today was not our day. But to end it with a bang I will tell a story of something that happened last night. So Jonathan saw the new PSP (some Play station thing) at the Sony building and was determined to buy it. At the Sony building they were sold out. So we looked for some in Akihabara. Sold out. Then Jonathan saw a machine that advertised the PSP. It is like one of those toy machines at the grocery stores. You have to put money in and a little plastic bottle drops out. Only one bottle in the machine has a ticket for the PSP. Jonathan put his money in, thinking that he was probably going to get an empty bottle but when he opened it up he found...
He said it was worth the money, even though he didn't get the PSP.

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