Sunday, October 16, 2011

St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, Hong Kong

From the window of a city bus, I noticed the most beautiful cemetery on a hill in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. I scribbled the location in a notebook and returned the next day to document it. What is truly amazing, is that I had stumbled upon not one, but two very distinct cemeteries on one hill. The largest, and most elaborate was St. Micheal's Catholic Cemetery.

The first two images were taken with a digital camera. At this point in time, I was only interested in documenting the graves in black & white, but I could not resist capturing the beautiful colors of these tombs.

All other photographs were taken with a Kodak black & white disposable camera.  I still carried a disposable camera for sentimental reasons.

Old, elaborate tomb juxtaposed with a stark, modern city.

This tomb, baring a striking resemblance to a Buddhist alter, shows the fusion of Eastern aesthetics and  Western religion.

I was captivated by the facial expressions on all of the tombs.

This woman seemed to be peering out at me from behind a garland of roses.

English inscriptions were rare extremely  in the cemetery.

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