Friday, September 11, 2015

Izumo Taisha Starbucks

I lived in Shimane, Japan during a time when only one Starbucks existed in the entire prefecture: the Starbucks of Matsue Station. Though I am very thankful that cafe saved me from coffee-withdrawal on a number of occasions, I was overjoyed when the Izumo Taisha Starbucks opened its doors in April 2014. It opened on a Tuesday, I remember, because I had to work that day and could not make it to its opened (Izumo being 1.5 hours away from me by car). I settled for going on that first weekend.

The Taisha Starbucks is unique because it is modeled after traditional Japanese design, and is meant to harmonize with the nearby Izumo Taisha.

Every time I have been the place is packed, but somehow this reporter managed to go when there was nobody, probably on a Tuesday...

The entrance

Second floor seating

Second floor seating

Second floor seats

More groups gather on the second floor

Getting funny at the bar counter

Seasonal drink: Cookie Crunch frappuccino

View of residential Izumo from the second-floor window

Best seat in the house, trust me

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