Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cafe Profile: The One, Hue, Vietnam

"The One Coffee and Bakery" truly is the one hip place to go in Hue. 

Hue is not a city for the coffee lover. Unlike the rest of Vietnam, there are not countless cafes lining every street in the city. For that reason, I didn’t create a café catalog as I have done in other cities. Instead, I wanted to highlight this one, lone, very cool place.

Both café and pastry shop, The One Coffee and Bakery spans two well-decorated floors. There is often a long line at the counter to order, multiple lines, actually, which is confusing, but that is, fortunately, the only flaw of The One
Their drink selection, quality, pastries, and ambiance, are all fabulous. 
The café was crazy busy on a week night, and apparently closes at 7:00 pm. Not the kind of place you can work on a laptop, but definitely the best choice for coffee and cake in the city. 

downstairs seating

another view from downstairs

second floor tea cup seating

Peach smoothie and chocolate smoothie with pudding

egg tart

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