Sunday, November 22, 2015

Train from Hue to Da Nang

The ride form Hue to Da Nang only takes four hours and costs less than $5. This is the recommend  method for going between the two cities, due to the convenience and fair pricing of a train, as the spectacular view along the coastline. Unfortunately this was the worst of four train rides we had in Vietnam.

We booked AC soft seats for the ride, which ended up facing backwards. I hate sitting backwards, but had no choice. Awkwardly, not all the seats in the car faced the same direction. Half faced backwards, and half faced forwards, which means that you are staring at the person in front of you for four hours. Also, the Vietnamese have a different, albeit smaller, sense of personal space than the Americans…or the Japanese…or anyone I have met from any country anywhere. This means that them and their shit are all up in you and your shit. It drove me nuts. People were splayed out sleeping in the aisles, the girl in front of me draped all she bags and clothes over my seat into my area.
Although I had a window seat, I was on the wrong side of the train, not on the side of the coast. So while the people beside me enjoyed beautiful views of the sae shore, I was staring at grass and garbage. 
Train fail. 

Platform at Hue Station

The awkward seating

I was pretty excited when this large tomb came into view

Scenery on my side (the opposite side had better views

Disembarking in Da Nang

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