Monday, November 16, 2015

Shimane Guide: Ohnan Edition

Ohnan is the only town that makes the list in the Shimane Guide. With a population of only 10,000, it’s too small to be classified as a city in Japan. It is also only accessible by car, but it is mere minutes from Oda and Hamada, and a short drive from Hiroshima city on the freeway, so it is definitely worth a visit.
I live 5 minutes from Ohnan in the much smaller town of Kawamoto, and I often went to Ohnan for the three reasons: 1. Onsen , 2. Torimichi, 3. Dongyokei Gorge

My favorite onsen in all of Japan has to be Iwami Onsen, though it is officially known as Kouboku No Morikoen. Entrance is 600 yen.

First of all, it’s quiet, spacious, has indoor and outdoor baths, and is located 15 minutes from where I used to live.

Ohnan has quiet a few eats options, but the foreigner-favorite is Toorimichi, serving coffee, cocktails, pizza, and pasta, all of which excellent. The owner, Kasaoka San is also the bartender. A gregarious family man form Shimane, he is always a gracious host. Of all the restaurants I visited in Shimane, this tops my most-missed list.

Ohnan is also home to some breathtaking nature. Try Dangyokei on for size. This beautiful and haunting gorge is right of the 261, if you can read Japanese. Turn down the tiny road and you’ll come to an abandon nursing home. Park in that lot then proceed down to the gorge for some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Japan. Bat art: you will be the only person there. 

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