Wednesday, May 8, 2013

McDonald's Dubai: The Joy of McArabia

McDonald's in Dubai?
Oh yes I did.
Time and time again I get really embarrassed for having McDonald's on my list of things to eat when I go abroad. 

In my defense, there are a few things which save me from total disgrace: 1) I never eat at McDonald's in the states, 2) the McDonald's in Dubai has unique menu items not available elsewhere, and 3) the McArabia has actually been on my list of things to eat for years

When I arrived in Dubai, I had a very specific list of the places I wanted to eat and things I wanted to do, but by the second day I had practically given up on the list, and decided to just let my friends run the show. For a while it was looking like I would not even get a chance to go to McDonald's on this trip. friend had to get her nails done, and I had twenty minutes to kill at the Diera City Center. 
Time for McDonald's. 

Of course I found one right where it should be, in the mall food court. I wished I had gone to a more lavish McDonalds, like the crazy large Starbucks I saw. But, well, what is more "Dubai" than a mall...
Bilingual menu

Seriously, no point in ordering a Big Mac here...not when you have "The Asian" (which I never tried, and therefore am not sure what makes it "asian").

There was a lot of build up to the moment of the first bite. 
I can remember six years ago I was sitting in my office reading about McDonald's all over the world, and I came across the McArabia. Ever since then I decided that I wanted to sample the wonders of McDonald's in other countries, and that one day I would end up in the Gulf and have the McArabia.

The McArabia: 
Pita bread, two chicken patties, tomato, lettuce, sauce. If only I hadn't had chicken shawarma every day since I arrived in Dubai. This would have felt a bit more special.

In the end, it was quite delicious! An acceptable version of a chicken shawarma, and not a bad meal overall.  I may actually have it again when I go to Dubai. No shame.

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