Sunday, May 5, 2013

Starbucks in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai.

This is the land where even Starbucks is a large, opulent structure.

I was  so excited when I spotted this Starbucks while driving down the busy streets of Jumeirah. 
This Starbucks is about as "Dubai" as Dubai gets. 

The architecture looks like such a  quintessential Emirati home, with tall multi-story windows, large patios separated by a gate, and a  flat roof with balconies.

I love the bilingual menus! Even in Japan or Taiwan the menu is usually just in English. It seems like everything in the UAE has to be translated to Arabic, which is so beautifully written, that I did not mind seeing it everywhere!

Inside the Starbucks was just as opulent as the outside. Seating was spacious and abundant, like most places in Dubai. I wish I had more time to chill here, but my friends were waiting in the car, totally annoyed and confused at my excitement for this global chain.

On this particular day, the heat was typical of Dubai in the spring time, but there was a cool breeze from the beach which made it perfect to sit outside.
Don't look too closely though, the plants are fake. 

Alright, so unfortunately when I visited Dubai, they had no unique product offerings. I still decided to order an Iced Caramel Mocha, even though I can get that in the states. It felt lovely  and refreshing just to sit at this Starbucks and gaze at the signs in Arabic. That was foreign enough for me.

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